Looking around my allotment complex you can see daily people walking up and down with wood to make their own raised beds. The end result can be very successful. Not all of us have time or expertese to make this in one's own backgardens. Now Recycle Works has come up with a very aestetically pleasing, very flexible Raised Garden Plots . For those of you that have a little bit more space this might be just the thing to start your own mini allotment in your own garden or back yard and compost at the same time!Wooden Raised Beds

These easy to assemble garden plots comprises 8 pointed posts - ready for knocking into the ground and eight sides boards.Special Offer! For a limted period of time, this product is available with a 10% discount.To purchase with the discount, please visit the Special Offers section. Watch a video review of our raised beds courtesy of http://www.gardencentretv.co.uk/ Price £53.34