Food glorious food!

Do you know where your food comes from?

In an era where ‘food miles’ are under close scrutiny and obesity and healthy eating are top of the news list, various groups of individuals and farmers have come up with answers. If you enjoy gardening but lack time or knowledge to have your own allotment, get a group of friends together and follow the example of The Shared Garden Group., if you are not into socializing that way, you might like to buy yourself a large window box or container. Alternatively have a look around for a local Organic Box scheme, ours in Nottingham is or find out about your local farmers market and support them as much as possible.
While you are at it, invest in a bike you might be able to pick one up through you local realcycle group.

If you really want to know where you food comes from have a look at this little video

You can make a difference and have fun in the mean time!