How to reduce the waste in your bin miraculously overnight!

A few years ago I was introduced to bokashi and tried it in my gardens. The results were amazing.
The bokashi process: recycling 100% of food waste. This unique recycling system uses bokashi to ferment food waste inside a sealed container. This means there are no rodents, no insects, no spoiling, and NO ODOUR. The end result is a pickled mass of food waste, which, when placed in a garden, breaks down into rich humus within a matter of days, releasing nutrients, microbes and structure to the soil.
If you can’t use it, no doubt a gardening friend will love it!
And unlike other forms of recycling, such as composting and worm farming, there is no food waste you cannot put in - the bokashi system treats paper, citrus, onions, dairy, even meat!
To make the buckets is easy.
Take two buckets that fit into eachother and have a good fitting lid for the top bucket. Drill holes in the bottom of the top bucket so that any valuable juices can drain into the bottom bucket.
How to use it:
Fill the bucket in layers as and when the waste is created. Start with a layer of bokashi bran then a layer of compostable materials which you sprinkle with bran whilst it is waiting for the next day's waste and so on...keeping the lid on all the time. When full, leave for 2 weeks to ferment whilst filling up another set of buckets. When ready, you can dig a trench/hole and put it in, it will rot very quickly and you can plant into it virtually immediately.
View a short video about how to make your own bokashi bran. I omit the powder and salt in the beginning and at the end stage I spread the bokashi on my garage floor for a few days to dry out thoroughly otherwise it starts to get moldy.
If however, you would like to buy your buckets and bran ready for use, have a look at the following websites: Natural Collection ; ;
Keep up the good work! [K]