Hybrid Cars – Not just for the Eco Worrier

It seems there are masses of eco worriers sitting at traffic lights in their Toyota Prius, the world over, feeling smug that they are not emitting an ounce of CO2. Good on them, but the Hybrid from Toyota (petrol/electric), with reduced emission, and high MPG, appears to also be saving people a small fortune - so they might be feeling smug for a very different reason!

In this year’s UK Budget, the Chancellor dropped the Car Tax for this type of low CO2 emission vehicle to £15.00 a year. Experience shows that you use around 40% less petrol and, if you are self employed you can offset the entire purchase price of the car against tax! Because the car is exempt from the London Congestion charge, capital drivers, who go into the zone every day, can save almost £2,000. You can also park for free in Manchester!

I’ve been driving a Prius now for 3 months, it works just like a roomy (ish) family car and the Inland Revenue will be paying me to drive it when I put my tax return in – Oh and I’m using much less fuel and pumping out much less CO2. I’m also not smug at traffic lights! [A]