Virtual Trees - with Eco Value

Remember the dreaded Tamagotchii?? All those disturbed children lamenting the ‘death’ of their cyber pet because they inadvertently dropped it down the side of the sofa and forgot about it?

Well the world has moved on and you can now own a virtual tree with educational value.

The Raise a Tree website is designed to help primary school children learn about trees, the environment and climate change. You register with the site, get your tree and ‘take care’ of it in its virtual growing environment. As the tree ‘grows’ various situations occur, such as natural disasters which might have an effect on its progress. The website explains that information about these ‘situations’ is provided to help the owner understand what happened. I think we are talking about when your tree dies!!

You can access your tree from any computer, so get your kids involved before you go on holiday for the summer and they can log in and keep an eye on it while you are away. The positive side is that you never have to hunt for discontinued batteries to make it work!