Live Earth

Saturday 7th July was Live Earth day with concerts in New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio De Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney and Hamburg.

All there to raise awareness of the mess we seem to have got ourselves into concerning the climate and its impact on where we live.

Visit the Live Earth website for all the details.

They have an online carbon footprint calculator, so you can see just what sort of effect you are having on the planet (takes about 3 mins and you need some idea of what you are paying for your power utilities).

Once you can see what your carbon footprint is you can do something about it and make a pledge. If you do, your name will appear on the scrolling display at the bottom of the screen. A tiny change might be the offer to swap 4 light bulbs in your home to eco bulbs, or just switch off your electrical equipment, and lights, when you are not using them.

Even the website is eco friendly and run completely on solar energy! These people are really trying – go on, swap some light bulbs and make a change yourself.