Realcycle It!

"Realcycle Nottingham is a recycling group based on the internet for the people of Nottingham and its surrounding areas. The Realcycle Nottingham group currently has a membership of over 5500 members from across all areas of Nottingham and is run by local volunteers. Our main aim is to keep items from our landfill's.
Everything about the site is FREE! It is free to join, free to post, free to request items and free to declutter your house!
If you require any further information about Realcycle Nottingham please contact Paula on or visit the Realcycle Nottingham website which is located at "

I have used this service now for many months and have been amazed what people were happy to pick up and use again from half full pots of paints, to games and electrical equipment. Most of these are not taken by our local charity shops but still find good homes.

With landfill sites bursting at the seams, incinerators smoking along and bins overflowing, Do your bit and become part of this exciting group.
Signing up is easy, just follow the link above. Good luck! K