Biodegradable Tableware

No doubt many of you will be entertaining in the coming weeks and get into the party spirit. One of the drawbacks is all that washing up afterwards. You don’t want to use disposable tableware because it’s just – well – DISPOSABLE! But you still want to invite lots of people and reduce your stress level.

Enter biodegradable tableware – plates, ‘cutlery’, straws and drinks beakers all of which can be recycled on your compost heap. Some of the ‘cutlery’ is made of wood, which biodegrades like any other part of a tree, other products are made of corn start (which looks and acts like plastic but is biodegradable!).

Now, we don’t suggest you use them for every meal but for those festive parties they might just ease your Eco conscience.

We have found a whole collection of these products on a site called ‘Silly Jokes”, which is odd because it is mainly full of jolly party products and not the place you might expect to find eco products. So, you can shop for eco friendly partyware and buy a whoopee cushion at the same time – we live in a strange world.

Have a look at for their biodegradable products.