Designer Monitor

OK, so you like the idea of visually monitoring your electricity usage but don’t like the utilitarian design of the current crop of devices. Enter ‘Wattson’ a device which monitors your power but displays the information in a stylish unit which wouldn’t look out of place on your (designer) coffee table.

Not only can Wattson show a digital readout of your power consumption, live as it changes, but also features colour changing LEDs which breath and pulsate: blue for low energy use and red for high usage. It can even store 4 weeks of energy information which you can download to your computer for analysis.

This device was featured in the Guardian Top Ten Green Gadgets (August) and has been designed by DIY KYOTO, a group founded by three MA students from the Royal College of Art, London.

You pay for the sculptural simplicity – and sometimes you just need to support this sort of innovative design and application. Available from Nigel's Eco Store for £149.50