Visual Energy Monitor

Saving energy has a lot to do with knowing how much you can actually save and ‘seeing’ it happen. Waiting for your electricity bill to arrive three months after you turned some light bulbs off just doesn’t have the required impact.

Try one of these energy saving monitors. I’ve had one for almost a year now and they certainly help.

Simple to install, you just attach a plastic clip round your main electricity supply cable (takes 3 seconds) and then your ‘live’ electricity usage is transmitted to a portable screen which tells you how much you are spending each hour.

Boil the kettle, for a cup of tea, and you see the power consumption shoot up. It makes it VERY easy to just boil enough for one cup, rather than half a kettle (like I used to – sorry!). Swap a normal light bulb for an energy saving one and you can actually see the difference. Feedback is king!! [A]

Available from many online retailers – Nigel's Eco Store have one listed for £44.99 at the moment