The Digital Allotment

How about having your allotment inside your computer?

Here at the EcoList we are constantly enthusing about making little steps towards large changes. One of those steps is to “Grow your Own Veg”. Both Andy and Karina, who edit the EcoList, do just that in the Shared Garden Project.

Allotments have changed over the past few years – waiting lists of young people and families are growing across the country and the image of ‘Grumpy old men’ leaning on garden fences is changing rapidly.

Now there is something for the computer literate generation which will help you plan your planting. is a new website which allows you to electronically plan where to grow veg, how to rotate the crop, the best way to utilize the space you have and, at the same time, get advice on planting, growing and eating.

One of the team is Jeremy Dore. A computer programmer and keen organic gardener who dug up his front lawn in 2004 to plant vegetables. He is the developer of the online garden planning tool – a graphic and very simple to use system.

Take a 30 day free trial at and if you like it you can extend the service for £15.00 a year.

This might be just the site to engage children and get them more involved in growing their own veg.
[Via Hippyshopper]