Christmas tinsel and its energy use....

Decorating the Christmas tree with shimmering tinsel to brighten it and create a magical quality is an old tradition. According to one legend, an old woman could not afford to decorate the tree. During the night, spiders lodged in the tree and covered it with webs. The Christ Child saw the webs, realised that the woman would be sad and turned the spiders webs into silver. The next morning the family was dazzled by the brillant 'tinsel' that shone on the tree.... (pg 30, the Essential Christmas Cook book)

In the next couple of weeks you will no doubt get your tree out and adorn it with lights and other decorations.

To know how much energy your Christmas light use, try this wireless energy monitor it will help you see how much energy is used in your home.

Available from many online retailers – Nigel's Eco Store have one listed for £44.99 at the moment