First Aid for Teenagers

It is not always easy to find an appropriate present for your fast growing up offspring. This might give you a fun but simple way out.
Buy a basic First Aid box (poundland or similar) and fill it with emergency items for teenagers items. Examples :

  • stamps
  • change for a call box
  • a taxi card with local taxi phone numbers on.
  • £1 Boots voucher
  • a mini bar of chocolate
  • a simple hairband a sachet of hair gel
  • a sachet of shampoo
  • an awful photo of yourself as a teenager
  • a note giving them one free lift somewhere in the car no moans guaranteed.
  • a note guaranteeing you will listen to a 'confession' without getting mad
  • a note giving them a phone call to you anytime of night or day, for any reason
  • a note saying you will cook their favourite dish when they have a low day
  • a heart shaped note with the word 'Hug anytime' on it
  • a note saying you will say 'No' if any girlfriend or boyfriend in the future asks if you have any cute baby photo's of them etc etc
  • This can be adapted to any age obviously....