Mince pie party

Traditionally mince pies are served around Christmas. When looking around the shops there is a huge selection of the little cakes. ALL very heavily packaged may I point out.

Foil, plastic cup holder, cardbord box and some cellophane all for just 6 mince pies...

It is so easy and I believe even tastier to make them yourself. If you organise a group of friends to join you it is a lot of fun too!

A friend of mine told me the other day that every year she invites a group of friends for a mince pie morning. They all bring their baking tins, pastry ingredients and fillings (no doubt also a roling pin), tins are going in and out the oven on a regular basis, they share their recipes, some are doing the washing up and drying, they have a chat and when all activity has died down, have a lovely cup of cinnamon coffee with a freshly baked mince pie.

If you keep them in a tin, they will last for quite a few weeks without the need of preservatives and lots of packaging.

Have fun!