one small click, one big change - The Ecobutton

The Ecobutton is an illuminating USB device that acts as a reminder and a prompt for users to press at every opportunity when the computer is going to be left idle.

When the ecobutton is pressed it engages the computer into energy saving 'ecomode'. This ensures that both the computer and monitor are set to operate in the most efficient, lowest power mode available, which actually draws only the same nominal power as when the computer and monitor are turned off! When you need to use the computer again, simply press any key to instantly return to where you left off!

  • Helps to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Savings in both money and CO2 can be monitored.
  • Promotes green thinking and ethics.
  • Suitable for both business and personal use.
  • New unique and highly innovative.

A PC switched on 8 hours a day engaging 'ecomode' for 3 hours could save around £50 in electricity cost per year. If the PC is left on overnight the saving could be £100+ or the equivalent of 600kgs of CO2.

For more information and a video