Speed Wash

How long does your washing machine take to complete its wash cycle? There is now a new machine which can wash lightly soiled garments in just 14 minutes and, lets face it, unless you play rugby every day, much of what goes into the machine is 'lightly' soiled anyway!

The advantage of such a speedy wash is that less energy is used and, if you use an eco detergent as well then you start to make a real 'eco' difference. Beko make the new machine which is also A+ rated for energy consumption, has a 7kg capacity and clever water saving system which can calculate the amount of water needed depending on the type and quantity of laundry.

If you only have 15 mins to wash – this might be just for you.

More details from http://www.beko.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductModelID=107

The lowest price we have found was £345.02 from http://www.shop4electricals.co.uk/acatalog/Beko_Front_Loading_Washing_Machine.html#aWMXD760

[Via: Hippyshopper]