Green(er) Loo

Take a shower, bath with a friend – all good ways to reduce water consumption but the humble ‘loo’ is one of the largest users of water in the house.

Although water saving toilets are becoming common for new installations most of us have ‘old’ ones which use masses of water each time we flush.

A simple device, which is simple to install, can save you around 2,000 litres of water, per person per year.

Save-a-flush is a small sachet which you drop into your toilet’s cistern – and that’s it! The contents of the sachet swell up in contact with water and displace one litre of water. Each time you flush you use one litre of water less and still have enough ‘flush power’ for your toilet to do what it needs to do!

For around £1.40 this might just be the most economical solution on the market sort of putting a building bring in your cistern, which also works.

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