Green Parliament in Germany

Germany has always prided itself on its eco credentials and now the Reichstag is reported to become the greenest parliament building in the world.

When it was refurbished in the 1990’s, ready for the move of Parliament from Bonn back to Berlin, its glass cupola, designed by Sir Norman Foster, was not only seen as an architectural beacon but also helped make the building more energy efficient. The Reichstag managed to cut its carbon emissions by 94% after the refurbishment.

Now, they are going one step further and this summer will switch completely to renewable energy which includes wind, water and solar. The massive glass cupola already provides passive solar power and bio fuel is used in generators in the basement to provide 40% of the building’s energy. Currently the other 60% comes from coal and nuclear generation. This will be replaced, using outside suppliers with renewable sources.

Nothing like leading by example!!

[ Via: Metaefficient ]