Plastic shopping bags - THE hot topic for the day!

For some strange reason a simple plastic bag is making us hot under the collar.
Some people hate them, some don't see what the fuss is all about.
Some countries ban them, some tax them and some companies hand them out like hot cakes.

Where I live, the hedges are covered with bags from our local ASDA store. The road verges are a definitively is not a pretty sight. For as far as I am concerned the clearing up is a waste of council tax money.
Businesses are worried that we would stop spending if we don't have those cheap bags and the debates are never ending. Since a short stay in Holland, I have used the collapsible shopping crate instead of any bags. It has been wonderful. Easy to use and store, great capacity, very strong and durable. I would definitively recommend investing in a few, put them in your car, your kitchen, use it as a laundry basket for your freshly ironed clothes, great for on holidays, you name it and it can be used for it. I just found out that Wilkinsons are selling the Tontarelli Collapsible crate for only £1.69 . What a bargain and better for the environment as well!

I am looking for a half sized crate, please let me know if you have found one. [K]