Downshifting - aiming for a happier, simpler and more balanced life

Downshiftingis the answer to the stress, overwork and lack of life quality that drags so many of us down.

It involves deliberately opting out of the career rat race, reducing working hours, cutting back on purchasing and living a simpler, balanced and more fulfilled life than ever before. For some this may mean switching to a less stressful job, working part time or from home, or negotiating flexible working hours - for others it may include escaping to the country or moving abroad to live the dream they've always wanted. Either way, it's no longer simply an aspiration to pursue in the distant future. Quitting the rat race has become a practical, attainable proposition for millions of us and Downshifting can help you every step of the way to that dream.

As you can see from the book of the week: Downshifting: The guide to happier, simpler living it only costs £0.01 so it won't brake the bank. It gives all the advice you need on what to consider, how to plan, the pitfalls to avoid, living better on less, simplifying your lifestyle, and achieving balance and fulfilment for the best life ever. Hopefully it will stimulate to continue your downshifting journey after this week of focus.

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