New Eco Store Online

A new eco store has just been launched by three mothers from East Sussex, UK, who’s concern for, and interest in, the environment prompted them do actually do something.

While helping with their children’s homework project they started to become more aware of the variety of environmentally friendly products out there in the market place. Family and friends began asking where they could get hold of these things and My EcoStore was born.

The site features a wide variety of eco products including bags, calculators, light bulbs, energy saving devices and notebooks to name a few. They also offer practical tips and a whole section of facts and figures on eco issues.

My EcoStore is easy to use and you can order products directly from them for delivery in the mainland UK. There are a variety of delivery options and pricing is well explained.

You could spend hours hunting around the Internet for a specific eco product or you could support a new project set up by these energetic and very professional women.