Selling Green and Fairtrade

If you are in the Newark-on-Trent area of the UK there is a new shop which which has been built on eco and ethical standards to sell Fairtrade, Green and Organic products.

Fair and Green is a small independent ethical shop situated in Newark, Notts. They stock a wide range of Fair Trade, organic, and environmentally friendly products and prides themselves on their having ethical values.

Their eco products are either recycled (e.g. Remarkable Stationery), organic, from sustainable sources (e.g. Ethletic shoes made using FSC latex), or environmentally friendly (e.g. cleaning products).

And, apart form their selection of products they are green in other areas;

They uses electricity from Good-Energy which is made from 100% renewable resources.
Their shop insurance if from CIS which is more ethical than many others.
They don’t encourage use of plastic bags and use recycled paper for their stationery.
They travel to work by public transport and only use a care when they really have to.
Even their website is powered by solar energy!

They might not be just around the corner for many EcoList readers but their website is packed full of useful information as well as highlighting their various products.