Cheap Solar Charger

We love a bargain here at the EcoList so have a look at this solar battery charger on offer at Maplin.

Designed to trickle charge 12v lead acid batteries it is ideal for cars that will be left standing for long periods, as well as for maintaining batteries in caravans and boats.

• Keep your battery topped up with solar power, even if the weather is overcast or dull
• Ideal for cars, caravans, boats etc
• Interchangeable connectors: cigarette lighter plug and crocodile clips
• Blue flashing LED charge indicator
• Durable ABS outer casing
• Built-in diode prevents reverse charging
Suction cups for easy mounting

This was originally £19.99, then £14.99 and now £9.99 until 10th June. so go solar, save money on recharging and save money buying the charger in the first place.

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