Eco Cars in Eden

Today, and until 31st May the “Sexy Green Car Show” (really - that’’s what it’s called!) is taking place at the Eden Project in the UK.

One of the perceived problems with eco cars is that people think they are boring, badly designed and not at all ‘sexy’. This is the second year of the show to prove them wrong. There are a heap of very sexy looking machines to have a look at from all of the main manufacturers. As the price of a barrel of oil goes through the roof (again) this week, there are even more reasons to consider something a little more ‘eco’.

Sponsored by Co-operative Insurance, the show is a practical way to see what is on offer from the likes of Saab, Volkswagen, Citroen, Peugeot, Seat, Honda, Fiat, Smart, Toyota and Segway.

The most eco-friendly version of Ford's best-selling Focus – the ECOnetic - is to have its UK launch at the show. Lotus is bringing its Exige 270E Tri-Fuel for its UK debut. British company Axon Automotive will be showcasing their yet-to-be-named eco-friendly hatchback and classic British manufacturer Morgan’s futuristic LIFECar will also make its UK debut at the show.

There are more details here:

And a BBC video here: