How’s your Muck?

Perhaps not in the headlines but it has been Compost Awareness Week.

One of the quickest, and simplest, ways to reduce the rubbish you throw into your bin is to compost your kitchen and garden waste.

Many councils offer special deals on compost bins and they are extremely simple to use. Not only do you reduce your land fill waste but you actually get something free in return - brilliant compost for the garden, patio or planter.

Lets face it, compost isn’t that expensive in the main supermarkets these days, but you do have to go and fetch it (normally in the car because the bags are heavy), and you end up with another massive plastic bag to trow away. If it you have a compost bin in your garden it is always ‘on hand’.

The guardian has a top ten guide to the basics of composting and some of those questions you have been burning to ask.

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