One Million Hybrid Cars Sold

If you just filled up your car with petrol - at the new increased prices - you might like to know that Toyota have announced world-wide cumulative sales of their popular Prius Hybrid electric/petrol car of over one million units!

More than half a million of these have been purchased during the past three years alone so it is getting harder to dismiss hybrids as a fringe eco vehicle!

Not only are Prius drivers using less petrol than conventional drivers, and only paying £15.00 car tax (in the UK) it seems that these million cars have prevented 4.5 million tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere (as calculated by Toyota). They also calculate that this is equivalent to around 535,500,000 gallons of fuel - or around One Billion Pounds saved.

There will be a new Prius out on the market in 2010 which can do around 100 miles per gallon - so even more savings on the way.

[Via EcoGeek ]