Wind-up lantern

Remember Trevor Baylis? He invented that wind-up radio 15 years ago. Well, his company has been at it again and has come up with a wind-up, weather proof, lantern just in time for those long summer evenings outside and the camping/festival season.

It contains 5 LEDs and is charged by you ‘winding’ the device. One full wind will give around 4 hours of continuous light. It also has a standby mode which illuminates just two of the LEDs for some gentle ‘night light’ action and will last for 48 hours.

You can stand it on a surface, use the included folding handle to hang it or fix it with recessed lugs onto a wall.

If you don’t have the energy to do any winding you can also recharge it by plugging it into the mains or a car.

Available from a number of eco suppliers for around £24.95. Have a look at