Fuel prices are sky high - what can we do about it?

Get a bike! That would be my first answer. Most of us use the car for very short trips, parking is difficult around schools and in the town centre, so why torture yourself and get stressed out. With petrol prices so high, cycle when you can and use the car in a sensible way when you do not have an alternative.
Today on Radio Nottingham, you could have heard an interview with Chris Spencer from Nottingham on how to make your own bio fuel. He hosts free open days on Wednesday and conduct live demos - Bring your own biodiesel - unwashed with glycerine gone and we'll clean it up and show you the results you'll expect from your fuel ... 0115 900 3550 or Freephone 0800 068 4134. I believe he also does classes on how to do it yourself. He is located on Lenton Lane, Easter Business Park.

The other way would be to get more mileage out of the fuel you have put in by:

Buying a Motoflow from Magnetic Health. They will be at the Summer Gathering in Bridgford Park on Saturday so if you would like to start saving on fuel right away come along and buy one onthe day. If you can't make it however, you could order on line: http://www.magnetic-health.eu/ or phone Marilyn on: 0115 9813122

Martin Lewis pointed out that a new guide has come out to cut fuel cost by 33%. He honed in on a new four-step system.

1. Simple declutter tricks improve your car’s efficiency by up to 10%.
2. Remember "the harder I press the pedal the more I spend" and you can cut fuel use by 20% without significant journey time increases.
3. By using the web to find the cheapest forecourt you can save a further 5%.
4. Pay the right way to make yet another 5% on your fuel.

All details in this fully re-written and re-researched New Guide: Cheapest Petrol & Diesel

A more extreme but good alternative, is to get rid of your (second) car and open an account with your local car hire company. Last year I did some calculations that having a car standing on your drive way on average would cost you £700. This would be for MOT, Tax, Insurance, Service, washing and valleting. I hired a small car from friday 4pm to monday 10am for £45. It was clean, insurance paid, dropped off at my door and I was dropped off at the end of the trip. It was painless and good service. In my case I used Enterprise rent a car, you might like to have a look at your local car hire place, just to find out about special deals, setting up an account etc.

I have found that now I have got rid of my car and promising myself to hire a car when needed, I have used this service only once as alternatives were found most of the time, cutting the use of the car hugely in the process, clearing the road from one car parking space and no worries about vandals ripping up the mirrors or scratching it with keys!