Plastic Bottle Chandelier

A few days ago we featured a recycled glass bottle chandelier which had masses of style and kept quite a few bottles out of landfill. Well now we have news of a similar item but this one is do-it-yourself.

Walking-Chair design studio, in Vienna, has some up with a kit which allows you to make, and remake, your own mini chandelier type light shade. It includes a plastic hanging device (no word on whether this is recycled), a lamp holder, electric cable and canopy.

You select your bottles for recycling and just pop them into the holder. The shade can be customised by placing coloured mesh inside the bottles and you can swap the bottles whenever you feel a change is needed. The holders come in a variety of colours (Transparent, red, blue and yellow) so you can coordinate with your bottles. Price is €50 and the kits can be ordered online at

[ Via Ecofriend ]