Power Purse

One of the problems with eco and solar power products is that they are often badly designed or simply uninspired.

Not so the Power Purse by Joe Hynek. The surface is covered in small solar cells producing an attractive pattern. These don’t look like they have just been ‘stuck on’. Power generated by the cells is sent to an electronic circuit inside the lining of the bag and then onto two inbuilt batteries which can hold energy for up to a month. A USB port is built into the inside of the bag so that you can attach your mp3 player or phone to charge it.

The bag needs around 2 hours of sunlight on its surface to fully charge a mobile phone. The estimated cost is around £150 which is probably a drop in the ocean for the fashion, techno savvy, 21st century woman.

The handbag is due to go on sale online by the end of this year.

For more information, visit www.solarjo.com

[Via Ecofriend]