Save Water in the Shower

We all know that it is better to take a shower than a bath because it does not use as much water. However, it can be difficult to tell. A bath uses, on average, 80 - 100 litres of water. A power shower can use 100 litres in 5 minutes!

If you need some way of monitoring how much water is used, rather than how long you are in the shower, this little Showerdrop monitor might be the answer. Once set up (which they say is very simple and needs no tools), Showerdrop measures the amount of water being used in your shower and lets you know when you reach a pre-set limit. You can, of course, keep showering if you need to - it doesn’t eject you from the cubical - but can help give you an idea of water usage.

Waterwise and the Energy Saving Trust have verified that by using the Showerdrop, for a family of four, savings can amount to £180 a year saved on water and energy bills, as well as over 40,000 litres of water and two thirds of a tonne of carbon!

It costs £11.97 and is available from