How to save energy on a tight budget

"It is easier if you have the money to buy gadgets and more expensive green energy plans," is something I hear regularly from people who have joined my Eco Teams.

There are ways, however to start reducing energy without having to spend any money, with the money saved you can then buy some of the gadgets that can help you reduce your bills even more.

You will all have heard the following, but it is worth repeating as if you do all these, you will easily save enough money to buy yourself the energy monitor we spoke about yesterday.
PDF File: Our Energy Efficiency Information (5.7MB)

Watch this video brought to you by Southern Electric and it might be of help to you:
Energy Efficiency - Windows Media Video (11.7MB)

Read your meter today. Read it again next week at the same day to see what you base rate is. Then start introducing some of your energy saving steps.
Read the meter weekly and see how you get on. You might find it is not as difficult as you think and it makes you more aware of what you are spending.

When your bill drops through your letter box. Read the meter and pay the actual consumption, that way you will not be surprised with a massive bill in a few months time.