Laundry the natural way - use soapnuts

I have been looking out for laundry products that are effective but have no plastic involved in them at all. No bottles, no chemicals just as nature meant it to be.

I have now found some, used some and am happy with the outcome. That is, I do use a few drops of natural oil to make the laundry smell nice. I get the oils through Essential Oils Direct (see in olderblogs) they one I like is the deodorising blend, I use it in laundry, worksurfaces, bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

The product that we've chosen this year is Simply Soap Nuts 1k. This item will be just £9.99 including p&p. The offer will last for just one week and will expire at midnight on Wednesday October 8th. So - if you're running low - now's your chance to stock up!