Natural Insulations

We are Natural Insulations a very small company selling natural insulations for the past 12 years.

We have been involved in the environmental movement for more years than I care to remember! As yet we have been unable to start a transition town in our area but want to help people who have . The idea we have is to offer Warmcel 100 loft insulation made from recycled paper at a very discounted price to your group.

Besides the obvious energy saving benefits the idea would have a community involvement because we are suggesting say we deliver one pallet load of 40 bags (which if people are topping up their existing insulation in a standard size house would be equivilent to 5/6 houses) which would be shared among your group.This is a new scheme and if you are interested in taking this idea further then please make contact.

Regards Rob Street
Rob Street Natural Insulations

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If anyone in our group would like to explore the possibilities to set this up for West Bridgford, please let me know via the comment box and I shall put you in contact with anyone else who might be interested. (please leave email or telephone details)
Curently Rushcliffe Borough council has also some insulation schemes going, for more information see.