Trolley Dolly

Not another item about plastic bag replacement!!! - Well, this is slightly different. If, like us you really want to do your bit, not use plastic bags and have invested in bags for life, canvas bags of some other replacement, have you noticed you never have them handy when you need them?

This might help. The Trolley Dolly is a bag which fixes onto your shopping trolley. Inside it are 14 strength-tested, washable nylon bags and 10 sealable net fruit and veg sacks. As you shop you just pull them out, fill them and then have an easy way to move the shopping into the house. Empty the contents and stuff the bags back in the Trolley Dolly for next time.

Each nylon bag can hold 30 tin cans or 20 bottles of wine (quite who shops like this we have no idea) but it means they are strong and, for the uber organised, they are colour coded so: green for fruit and veg, blue for frozen.

They are on introductory offer at ZPM for £24.95