Wind Powered Sculpture

This weekend saw the very brief appearance of the Aeolian Tower, a 15 meter sculpture clad in wind powered LEDs, on the South Bank of the Thames in London.

Designed by the Jason Burges Studio, it was located outside the British Film Industry building as part of the onedotzero_adventure in motion festival. We have featured this studio a couple of times before because of their innovative use of alternative and eco lighting.

The tower was clad in 1,200 miniature wind powered turbines which power tiny red LEDs. As the speed and direction of the wind changes so the brightness of each LED changes providing a shifting luminous representation of the ‘turbulence’ we a often unaware of.

The miniature wind turbines have been used previously in work by Jason Burges Studio and are now available to purchase, individually, from lighting specialist Mathmos.

More details about the Aeolian Tower at