Married to Carbon Reduction

In the Sunday times of 22nd March 2009 I found this article about The white weddings turning green. I have been married for nearly 25 years when Green Weddings or anything else green for that matter were just not in people's consciousness. Now, articles are written and websites set up to help the new couples to start with good green credentials. This is great news, as green babies will no doubt follow, green education, running green households and businesses and green funerals. Might we be seeing a turning point....?

Here is part of the article:
Never mind a white wedding - many couples now want to turn their big day green and Britain's £5.5 billion wedding industry is cashing in.. - it is served almost exclusively by small businesses.
The Green Union website pulls together dozens of such small suppliers, from marquee hire firms to cake makers. Another site Eco-Friendly Weddings offers links to such things as biodegradable tableware and recycled stationery.

Now couples are able to calculate the environmental footprint of their nuptials with the aim of creating a zeo-carbon event. The online calculator allows planners to input the number of guests, any flights and hotel stays involved, plus car hire and mileage estimates. It then tots up the carbon emissions generated and gives users the options of buying carbon offsets through the website.

Other companies are offering green honeymoons for thos who don't want to undo all the good work they have done on the big day. Go Differently offers alternative honeymoons where newlyweds can combine short-term volunteer activities in developing countries, presumable along more traditional romantic activities.