Smart Electric Bike in London

Quite a lot of us might spend more time moving around on a bike if it wasn’t so much effort.

Electric bikes are not new, there are a lot on the market, but this one has some style and is now available to buy in Central London from some of the ‘Posh’ shops like Harrods and Selfridges.

The A2B Metro electric assisted bike from can move you at up to 15.5 mph. which is more than enough to get round a city in comfort. You can also chose to go under your own power so can balance your cycling in the way that fits your mood, energy level of geography.

Its lithium ion battery charges by simply plugging into a power socket in about 3-4 hours so, charge over night and you are ready for the day ahead. Teh manufacturers suggest that this little wonder will move you 20 miles on a single charge.

It isn't cheap at a retail price of £1999.00 but prices will fall (we hope).

[ Via Hippyshopper ]