Battery Recycling

Fire alarms, walkman, toys, remote controls, calculator— just some of the things that need batteries to function in our daily lives.

Millions of batteries are purchased annually in the United Kingdom and when they are dead what do we do with them….?
Most of these end up in landfill or incinerators and will eventually leak into the environment and our food chain, causing serious health risks to humans and animals.

Batteries are a unique product comprised of heavy metals and other elements that make things “portable”. Some of these toxic heavy metals include nickel cadmium, alkaline, mercury, nickel metal hydride and lead acid. It is these elements that can threaten our environment if not properly discarded. Try and use the wind up versions of equipment if at all possible, otherwise use re chargeable batteries and if you have to use 'normal' batteries dispose of the safely.

The Good News is that if you make your way to your local Sainsbury Store and ask at the information desk for the Freepost battery recycling pouch, you can now do your bit so keep your batteries out of the waste stream. They will be send to Norfolk to be sorted and then end up at G&P.

Go on, make your way to your local Sainsbury’s or ask a friend who shops there already, to pick one up for you.