Good Energy

Good Energy supplies electricity. But it’s not your average electricity, because it comes from 100% renewable sources. This means that for each unit you use, they buy one from renewable generators and supply it to the grid.

Good Energy is the only company to supply ALL of its electricity from renewable sources; generated entirely from wind, small-scale hydro, wave and solar power.

This UK fuel mix stamp shows the national average. By signing up to Good Energy you turn that small renewable section into Good Energy’s guaranteed 100%, instantly making a huge difference to the source of your electricity. Other companies do publish their fuel mix, but Good Energy is the only one showing 100% renewable electricity.

Good Energy support over 250 renewable generators that range in size from windfarms to individual solar panels, and believe in getting people involved at all levels in a solution to Climate Change and a secure energy future.

By signing up to Good Energy you will cut your homes’ carbon dioxide emissions from electricity by 100%. In 2005 the total amount of CO2 saved by our customers was 36,500 tonnes, which equates to a petrol car travelling 100 million miles.

Have a look at their website or the stand in West Bridgford Park on 9th June. Use renewable energy wherever possible. I made the change and the whole procedure went extremely smoothly! [K]