Move water easily - Save Water and Money

Watergreen has won the Waterwise Marque by Waterwise, the leading authority on water efficiency.

WaterGreen is a clever syphon pump. Put one end in your bath; the other end out the window, connect to a hose, squeeze the pump and let gravity syphon your waste water onto your garden.
It moves water from your water butt, bath, shower or sink to your garden - simply, cleanly and affordably. It can also be used to empty cisterns, blocked sinks and washing machines.
It stores neatly and can be used any time.
You can use your hosepipe to move recycled or rain water, even during a hosepipe ban!
Easy: a few squeezes of the hand pump gets it going, then it runs by itself
Efficient: empties baths in minutes and can be left unattended
Flexible: fill a water butt, wash the car or use straight onto the garden
Convenient: attaches to any standard garden hose
Effective: recycles water - saving money, your garden and the planet
WaterGreen can help save your garden.
GOOD NEWS: you may use a WaterGreen connected to your garden hose to recycle used water - for example from a bath, water butt, sink or pond - even during a hosepipe ban or Drought Order

For just £19.99
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A demonstration can be seen on the Water and Waste Stand in West Bridgford Park 9th June 2007