Do you need a car?

Last year I made the big step to get rid of my trusted car. There was a time when I used my 7 seater daily, life has changed and I found that I only really made use of it once or twice a week.

Realizing this, I added up the cost of just having it sit on the road: Road Tax, MOT, Service, Insurance, car washes and the like...this all added up to nearly £700.

A friend told me that she had just rented a car. She was picked up from her home, dropped off on the way back and all for a very small sum of £45. (pick up Friday 4pm and return Monday by 10pm).

When we needed a car for the weekend, I followed her advise and was very impressed. It took a little time to set up the account, but once that was done, the whole process was simple.

I have now got an account just in case I do have the whole family over when we would need a 7 seater, a van when we go to Ikea or a little car if the weather is so bad that my bike won't do!

I used Enterprise-rent-a- car in Nottingham, but I am sure that if you don't have them anywhere near you, another car rental company is worth having a look at.

You might like to have a look into this today, when you have time, so it is set up when you are in a rush and desperately need transport.

For more information and on-line registration

By the way: The company I used to sell my car was

Nationwide Business Finance Ltd: 01246 558686
I called them, gave them details of my car, they gave me a (good) price, arranged pick up when I wanted it and a cheque in the post. It was almost easier than buying a loaf of bread! [K]