When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water. - Ben Franklin

In England we always talk about the weather, too wet, too dry, too hot or too cold...

When it is wet, harvest the water for those dry and hot days. A water butt (or two) will help you store this precious water. They can be found in garden centres, sometimes your local council have special offers on (contact them direct)

A mailorder company might be able to drop one off to your doorstep. They come in all different shapes and sizes I found this space Saving Mini Butt for £25.00.

Even if space is an issue in your garden, the slimline Space Sava Mini Butt means that you can now enjoy the benefits of a water butt. Pre-drilled inlets and tap.
100 litre capacity,Height : 940mm (37")Width : 380mm (15")
Made from recycled plastic and guaranteed for 10 years.

A company I have used in the past with good success was: www.evengreener.com [K]