Share the load in the Shared Garden

The first topic on self sufficiency dealt with today on BBC radio Nottingham was allotment gardening. It is clear that there is a great demand for allotments nowadays and that waiting lists are getting bigger.

A project like the Shared Garden could be the answer as here we give 20 families a chance to grow their own fruit and vegetables on 6 plots for only £20 per annum.

The Shared Garden project was initiated in October 2000 by Karina Wells and Andy Thomas, both residents of West Bridgford, who have been involved with eco and organic activities for many years.

There are many advantages; the pleasure of working with a friend, sharing knowledge, skills and learning, not to mention the more practical aspects such as running costs, dividing the work load, and covering during holiday periods.

If you want an allotment but the waiting list it too long, you actually don't have more than 2 hours a week you can come down, or you could do with some moral support, why not look at this is just one example on how share the load.

For those of you who use Amazon to buy books, music, DVD etc on line, please go through the Shared Garden website, click on 'books' which will bring you to your usual Amazon site. Amazon will donate a small percentage of your purchases to the project's Seed Fund (it won't cost you a thing).

We shall have an open afternoon on Saturday 14th June from 2-4pm, where we can guide you around the gardens, the pecking hen project as well as a plant and refreshment stall.

We look forward to seeing you there.