how to make: marmalade

This is a bit of a cheat really but fool proof and tasty. If you collect 9 jars with lids these will last you for years.

1 tin of Mamade (thin or thick sliced) £1.12
1.8kg sugar (normal white sugar) £1.28
This works out at £0.30 per jar.
A large pan and clean jars.

If you follow the instructions on the tin, you will find that if you put all these ingredients in the pan, bring them to boil, have your breakfast and by the time you have done your breakfast washing up,the marmalade is ready to be put in the jars. Put the lids on, put it upside down for a few minutes then put it straight up again. This will vacuum tighten the jars. Wash the pan immediately as it gets very difficult to clean if you let it harden. Et voila, 9 jars of delicious marmalade made within 20 minutes at a fraction of the price of the cheapest marmalade you could find in any shop.