Creative (crayon) recycling

I’ve just shifted a box of assorted crayons, found in a recent clearout, via Freecycle. What was a irritating ‘heap’ at my house is now a useful ‘collection’ at someone else’s house – such is the wonder of the Freecycle system. Had I known about Story Blox, I might have sent them to the USA!! Well, actually it would not make much eco sense – what with all that fuel to get them there - but for people closer to Ohio this is a great offer.

Story Blox will take your old, battered, nub ends of crayons and cast them into brand new, colourful, letters to spell out your kids name. They will then make a box to put the new crayons in and send them back to you. Recycling with flair and not that expensive – six letters for $5.00 and extra ones (if you need to spell out a longer name) at $0.50. [A]