Stay inside and Eco Decorate

Not really much chance to go out and “Play in the Sun” recently, (if you are reading this in the UK), so while you are avoiding the rain, why not finally get all that decorating done and try the eco alternative while you are at it.

We have been in touch with Peter Padun – one of the growing band of decorators who work with eco-friendly paints and materials, for some advice on the subject.

When decorating your home do you suffer from:

Reactions / Allergies.
This could be caused by the way we are living. When we paint with domestic solvent paints we are wrapping ourselves up in a plastic environment.

Asthma - Headaches - Allergies
Solvent- based paints or wallpaper in your home and working environment may be causing these ailments!

Eco-Friendly Paints on the Market.
The leaders in this field are Germany, Italy and the Scandinavian countries. They have been producing, and using, these types of solvent-free paints for many years. The good news is that there are now UK companies producing these
solvent free paints.

The colours are pleasing to the eye. They can do everything that solvent paints can do and in some cases are better! Even without ventilation, or in a small room, there is no intoxicating smell.

For more details, and further advice on eco-decorating, contact Peter via his website or e-mail, mobile: 07969 401824