Power in a bottle - A look at essential oils

Many years ago I came across this wonderful book The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood.

Not only did it show how essential oils provide the most natural way to give your home a delightful aroma, it also pointed out that the oils have much more to offer than their fragrances, you can even choose oils which are anti-bacterial or anti-viral and some attract or repulse pests in your garden.

You need never worry again about what the chlorofluorocarbons in your commercial aerosol or air-freshener are doing to the earth’s ozon layer, or what the chemicals it contains are doing to your family’s health. Essential oils provide a far better option all round.

Swap your bulky plastic packaging for some small 10ml glass bottles instead. Better for you and better for your environment.

In the coming week I will highlight a daily digest of oils I use regularly in and around the house. Hopefully this will inspire you to go out and get some yourself so that you too can enjoy these oils so powerful and natural. [K]
In the past I have bought my organic oils from http://www.essentialoilsdirect.co.uk/ I can definitely recommend this company.