Chip in and join Chippers!

The West Bridgford Chippers were set up in January 1995 in and around Elm Tree Avenue. The street was ideal as there was a good mix of age, profession, interests and family situation. The aim of the scheme was to get back the good old fashioned community spirit where everyone (all ages) could get involved.

The way the scheme works.
When you join the scheme you paid a one off joining fee of £5. For this you receive 10 Chips to get you started (these need to be given back when you no longer wish to be a member), your details will be added to the data base which will then be distributed among the rest of the group.
The sort of details you would have to give are: Name, Address, Telephone number, Email Address, What you would like to offer, What you might like to receive.

For every hour you provide a service, you receive one ‘Chip’ which can then be spend again on anything listed on the list.

The more you use the system the more successful it is.

Chippers is still going but needs some new life. At one point we had over 85 members, most of whom used the services weekly and who became good friends.
Now more than 10 years later, people still occasionally use it but situations have changed, people have moved on and Chippers has gone to sleep a bit. After yesterday’s meeting with some Eco Team members it transpired that there might be some more interest among people of West Bridgford.

If you would like to become a Chipper and try and get the group active and healthy again, please contact me on: If you are interested to join but are not sure what to give, I am very happy to have a chat with you and come up with some suggestions.

For those of you who are interested but don't live in West Brigford, I am happy to show you how to set a scheme like this up in your area. It is not difficult to set up, you just need to be a good networker and have a computer to input the data base. Keep it local and it will work.!

For a little more information see: