West Bridgford – Back to the future

I recently read an article’ Small is Inevitable after oil runs out.’ It is about the Transition Town, Totnes. This historic market town of 4,000 people is used as a model to try and live in a more sustainable way, relying less on oil and energising the local economy.

Here in West Bridgford for many years individual groups have advocated the virtues of sustainable living.

1. Eco Teams: A programme where a group of people in a street will come together once a month and discuss and act upon issues relating to Waste reduction, Water preservation, Energy reduction and Transport alternatives. tina.holt@globalactionplan.org.uk

2. Shared Garden Project: A group of people working 2 hours per week in local allotments, where they grow a large proportion of their weekly organic fruit, vegetables and eggs. Andy@sharedgarden.co.uk

3. Notts Nosh is our local food producers directory to obtain it go to: www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/nottsnosh.pdf

4. Chippers: A local database where people trade their skills and services for a ‘Chip’ per hour. Karina.wells@ntlworld.com

5. LETS: Local economic trading scheme, this is a BARTERING system where goods and services are paid for in Acorns. lets@veggies.org.uk

6. Pedals and Ridewise: A group who will help you get on your bike and give you FREE cycling lessons so that you can ride safe and with confidence. Hugh.McClintock@ntlworld.com

Apart from making our town a more sustainable, all these groups contribute to a closer knit and safer community for you, your family and friends.
If you would like to be part of this, please contact the groups direct and Enjoy!